Now a days divorce has become rampant. It has been grows with leaps and bounds in past few years due to lack of adjustment and ego clashes & also when spouce come to know false informations about Job, Finance, Character, Health. Divorce Laws   has also been amended and new laws are enacted to meet the requirements of   matrimonial issues .

We ARGUS SPY MANTRA & CONSULTANCY PVT LTD have a team of experts who devotes their time, energy and commitment to serve the need of our esteemed clients in the most efficacious manner. We advise and strategise the case at the pre-litigation stage in order to avoid any kind of contradiction and pit holes in prosecuting and defending the case.  

In such cases we gather evidences as per our clients' requirement also as per the requirement in court. Generally we gather Photographs, Video recordings to proof adultery, Income Proof / Employment proof for maintenance issues, Marriage proof also to save maintenance; Some time we used to trace the subject to start further investigations. Each case is a unique matter for us. Every case has unique grounds.




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