In our Indian Society Marriage is an integral part of our life. This is also a phase we have to cross during our life time; It is also the secrecy of our Happiness and also happiness of others living with us. Many time we compromise for the sake of our nears and dears. During choosing a partner, we always take all positive measures to choose a perfect life partner as it is the matter of whole life.

Now a days Divorce cases are very much rampant, The reason is only on our belief that "Marriage is made in heaven", that's true but the decision is in our hand. Our 100% satisfaction matters before finalise any proposals. Our 100% Satisfaction leads to a Happy & Long Lasting Married Life.

We should be more attentive and find out all factors before get married.

ARGUS SPY MANTRA & CONSULTANCY PVT LTD . Specialised in Pre Matrimonial Investigations, Our services are customised for our clients requirements. Our Matrimonial Investigations analysed & Investigated by a team of experts and experienced investigators. Out of which our client gets a clear Idea towards their decision.

Our overall Pre Matrimonial Background Screening contains:

  • Past or Present Love Affair Investigations.
  • Family Background Investigations
  • Character, Nature, Attitude & Behaviour Investigation of the candidate & family members.
  • Social Reputation in neighbourhood & work place.
  • Educational Background Investigations.
  • Financial Background & Stability Investigations
  • Present & Past Health, Critical Illness Check.
  • Normal Habits.
  • Friend Circle.
  • Over all BIODATA Verification.

The whole Investigation process conducted with utmost care to maintain 100% Confidentiality for our clients shake.   Matrimonial Investigations   pertaining to   Delhi   &   NCR   regions are completed within 7-10 days. Inquiries in other states can be executed within 12-15 days.

The Investigation report we provide to our clients, has been checked & verified repeatedly by our senior analyst and Mentors, for which we guarantee 99% authenticity.

In the case of overseas alliance, the required information can obtain or verified through our associates located through out the World. With our   private investigation services , you will be able to verify anything and everything they have told you over the telephone or Internet.




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