How to become a Private Detective or Investigator in India

July 16th, 2010

Now a days private detectives and investigators are highly needed for all human being for keep a track of our spouse, children, staff, friends. So it is a better career for you to be a private detective or investigator.

If you want to survive and take the profession as a private investigator or detective  in India then you should know few things before you start. To work as a private detective or investigator in India you should read the fact sheet below and keep in mind.

-  Firstly you should not a teenager to be a private detective in India.

- You need to do a criminal check before you get into detective profession and you should have a no criminal history.

- Must have at least 2 years of  work experience in a reputed detective agency or organization.

- It is plus point if you have background of new reporter or ex-police serviceman or like that.

Till date no such type of exam or certificate is conducted for people to be a detective or investigator but many in house courses are provided by detective agencies.

Institutes providing these Courses are -

  • The Indore Christian College, Indore
  • The National Institute of Private Investigation, New Delhi

Detective Agencies providing such specialized courses are -

The is are the basic need to permits as a private detective or investigator. You are no need to worry once you’re a private detective until you get a full phase experience from a certified detective agency.